How To Remove Footer Credit In Super Seo Optimized Blogger Template | Remove TemplateYard Footer Credit

Hello Guys, Today We Will Know how we. an remove the footer credit of SUPER SEO OPTIMIZED BLOGGER TEMPLATE BY TEMPLATESYARD , So lets get started.

First Of All Download The Super Seo Optimized Blogge Template ZIP File from WWW.TEMPLATESYARD.COM If Having Problem CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD XML FILE.
After downloading This xml file the download an Application from google play store click Here.
Install the application Anf open it then give all the permission then click on  icon then find Super seo free Version.xml then click on this .You will see whole xml codes in anwriter Application. Then Click on and you see various types options click on search and search - ".copyright-area{font-size:12px;float:left;height:34px;line-height:34px;font-weight:400 }".
After Finding these code Replace this code with These codes-".copyright-area{font-size:0px;float:left;height:0px;line-height:0px;font-weight:0 }" . Then Save it.
Then Search again -"Crafted with" And delete all codes as shown in figure.

Then Pase the the Copyright html codes from Downloading fRom Here just before </div> tag then Save the xml file . ow You can use the template to your blog Fotter credits removed Successfully.
Thank You!! 

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