How to fix Image Size in Blogger post | How ti fix image size in sora templates

Hii Guys, Today i am Going to let you know a problem that happens when we use any images in our blog but when we use our images in "x-large" Size it is gonna fix for desktop mode but when we use mobile it show with a long height so guys in this article i am going to know you how can you fix images in blogger post or sora templates, so lets beging....

What is the reason behind the images sizing in blogger ??

Guys this problem happen via your template coding becze your template is tue only thing that can cange thw shape and size of your blog. To fix images sizing in blogger you have to do some simple steps..

How we can fix Image sizing in Blogger post?

To fix images size in your blogger post you have to follow these steps:--
  • Open your blogger acount
  • Click on theme
  • Now Click on EDIT HTML

After that see below.

Which code i edit to fix image sizing in Blogger?

Now Guys find "post-body img" When you search this code  after this code you will see "{" this type of brackets . In these brackets you will see some codes like this "max-width:100%" remove this codes from opening to closing brackets . After removing these codes now see below steps.

What code i use to fix the image in blogger??

Guys after removing that code add this codes "max-width:100%;height:auto" So guys after adding this code click on save button.

Is any steps required to fix image in blogger post?

So ,guys all the steps done there is no any  thing is required to fix blog post images all your thing done..

Conclusion of fixing images on blogger blog post

Guys as we all know that images roles an important role in our blog because it helps in seo or making our blog post beautiful. But in some blogger template our images not fix with our blog post images of our blogger are longer in height but good in width. so guys this all steps are use to fix images sizing in blog post.

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